Benefits Of Chamomile Tea And Green Tea

A member of the sunflower family, Chamomile is a herb that have been used for centuries to cure varied ailments therefore becoming a popular herb. By combining German chamomile with hot water, a tea, which produces medicinal properties, was born. There are many medicinal properties of this kind of tea, but here are six (6) uses of the tea.

Better Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, Chamomile will ensure that you get your adequate amount of sleep. It helps in relaxing the muscles therefore ensuring that restlessness is a thing of the past.

Stomach Soother

Assisting in the overall process of digestion, Chamomile also aids in the ensuring that your stomach is in good condition. It eases the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and relieves aches and pains.

Menstrual Cramps

Studies have shown that Chamomile raises the level of urine of glycine which aids in soothing stomach cramps. This was practiced by the ancient Egyptians and scientists have just caught up with this medicinal phenomenon.

Cold Fighter

Due to its Antibacterial properties, Chamomile is equipped with immune boosting properties that help in fighting against the common cold virus.


Overallocation gal late notably called catechize poly phenols, is another medicinal property that exists in the Chamomile herb where studies have shown that it aids in the fight against cancer cells. Due to recent breakthroughs when it comes to green tea, scientists have discovered that there are added properties that can be used to promote healthy living.


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